The Journey to Total Health & Fitness


Growing up on the gulf coast of Alabama, the days were long and warm. There was no choice but to be outside enjoying the water and the sunshine. I began my fitness training in the ballet studio and in the pool at the tender age of 4. Dance lessons were daily and during the summers I swam competitively. Although I was active (no choice when you’re the child of an ex-NFL player), I didn’t understand the importance of good nutrition. I began my nutrition journey at the age of 32. 


Mostly I ate like any other kid consisting of cereal, milk, sandwiches, chips, cola, some fruit but no veggies unless I was force-fed. Frozen dinners were acceptable and quick food was a necessity for my hard-working mom at times. Being a picky eater and sensitive to many foods, this did not fare well for my health. It led to conditions such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, appendicitis, and pre-term labor. My boys are now almost 13 and thriving. I know the importance of growing your own food, farm-to-table, food as medicine, and eating more balanced. It has changed my life and my family.  We don’t miss nearly as much school or work. We are happier, more compassionate, more aware globally, and have a deeper understanding of how food affects our bodies and our earth. 


My fitness background is deeply rooted in quality movement (much like my nutrition). Taken from years of dance training, I discovered Pilates when I was 27 (14 yrs. ago).  I was immediately smitten.  I decided after my first reformer class that I wanted to teach it. Pilates is a thoughtful, intelligent approach to fitness.  It streamlines the body and creates a strong mind-body connection.  It improves breathing, posture, digestion, symmetry, and bone health. With the 6 principles of Pilates (concentration, centering, control, precision, breath, and flow), the body is trained to move efficiently and then allowed to move through life in the same manner.  With Pilates, I have been an avid student of Yoga for 15 years. I love to implement yoga into my Pilates practice creating a workout that is beneficial on all levels:  mentally, physically, and emotionally.



I am constantly on the road with my job. I’ve found it very hard to get the right nutrition since my choices are limited while traveling. I suffered from eczema and had put on about 20lbs. Betsy gave me incredible guidance with what I was putting in my body! She gave me healthy choices and an incredible exercise regimen. It’s amazing to see what good nutrition and exercise can do to your body. Her guidance has helped me drop 23 lbs and I no longer have issues with eczema! If you are tired of feeling “blah” all the time and want life changing results, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her. We have but one life to live, and don’t you want to look/feel good doing it????"


– Starr Yarboro, Territory Manager eLab Consulting