Longer and Stronger

My Pilates training is founded in the classic exercises designed by Joseph Pilates. I integrate yoga-based stretches to create mobility, focusing on exercises that are designed to target the intrinsic muscles - the ones that support the skeletal system. Pilates streamlines the body, creates symmetry and opens the channels of mind-body awareness. These core-based exercises create strength from the inside out, improving digestion, the cardiovascular system, lung capacity and confidence!

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What to say about Betsy as a Pilates instructor extraordinaire! She’s energetic, precise, gives fantastic cues, and always works with your body – never just a routine. I’ve worked with Pilates instructors in Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, and Athens, Greece; and Betsy is simply the best. Plus, she is always pleasant, fun, and extremely flexible with scheduling, which is a huge advantage when trying to keep exercise a part of one’s busy life.


– Hala Moddelmog, CEO of Arby's